Border Collie Goniodysgenesis Database

 Goniodysgenesis results for dogs tested in Denmark

See the "Terminology" page for explanations

Last updated 9th September 2010

NOTE:  From January 2018, all new tests will be listed on each page BLUE to show the official grading system being incorporated in the UK

Dogs Name Owner Sire Dam D.O.B. Sex Date tested Gonioscopy Result Glaucoma Result Examiner Date added to database
Amy 17025/2004 Ussing Erik Stensedals Eazy Phantom 19494/98 Isaila's Addi It Was'nt Me 11910/2001 08/08/04 F 05/07/10 unaffected   Knudsen, Jens Kai 13/08/10
Asasara Agile Thunderbolt aka Vomba Jensen, Marianne Asphagens Don Gawain's Miss Night Dancer 09/07/02 M 22/09/09 unaffected   Marianne Aalund 24/09/09
Gawains Collector Of Time Gawain Border Collies Willowtree Action Man Gawain's Rum & Coke 05/03/06 F   unaffected     26/02/09
Gawains Rum & Coke Gawain Border Collies Wizaland Soul Star Gawain's Wild Windy Lady 18/01/04 F   unaffected     26/02/09
Gawains Wildest Dream Gawain Border Collies Kerrybrent Sams The Man Gawain's Wild Windy Lady 29/06/05 F   unaffected     26/02/09
Kerrybrent Heart With Soul Gawain Border Collies Kerrybrent Midnite Soul Dornbrae Havn A Blond Moment 04/03/06 M   unaffected     26/02/09
Littlethorn Ruby Ussing, Erik Grandver Celtic Quest Littlethorn Xsara 12/03/06 F 24/06/09 unaffected   Mogens Aalund 07/07/09
Maccabee Huckleberryfinn Jensen, Marianne Brackenhill Royal Tartan Maccabee Bilberry Cream 14/06/05 M   unaffected   Ib Engelhardt 23/03/09
Maliway Catequil Nielsen Lis Maliway Heart N Souul Westurn To Lis With Love 31/10/07 M 11/08/09 unaffected   Claus Nicolet 12/08/09
Maliway Cavillaca Nielsen Lis Maliway Heart N Souul Westurn To Lis With Love 31/10/07 F 11/08/09 unaffected   Claus Nicolet 12/08/09
Maliway Heart N Souul Nielsen Lis Landberg Korella Heart Breaker Maliway Black Ghost Of Spooky 22/03/02 M 26/05/10 unaffected   Claus Nicolet 03/06/10
Staunsbjergs Betty Jørgensen Lone Wizaland Soul Star Gadehaves Promising Jillie 30/05/04 F 11/08/09 unaffected   Mogens Ålund 21/04/10
Staunsbjergs Ellie Stehr, Rikke Wizaland Soul Star Staunsbjergs Phoebe 27/10/09 F 26/05/09 Affected   Ib Engelhard 31/05/09
Staunsbjergs Fay Jørgensen Lone Willow-tree Actionman Staunsbjerg´s Betty 27/08/06 F 11/08/09 unaffected   Mogens Ålund 21/04/10
Stensedals Twist'n'Shout Allanach Johanna Whenway Smokey Joe Stensedals Crazy Daisy 16/12/00 M 24/06/09 unaffected   Mogens Aalund 02/07/09
Theo (DKK 06239/2007) Eriksson Åsa Bob (DKK 07429/2006) Siff (DKK 17676/2003) 06/03/09 M 06/07/09 unaffected   Susanne Kaarsholm 03/12/09
Tookurra Northern Star Gawain Border Collies Tookurra Catch A Star Tookurra Lucky In Love 11/07/05 F   unaffected     25/02/09
Waveney Caught In Time Gawain Border Collies Tookurra Catch A Star Waveney Midnyt Impressn 31/05/05 M   unaffected     25/02/09
Wildblue Eternal Flame Nielsen, Lis Landberg Wildblue Eternity Wilblue In A Dream 05/12/04 F 20/04/09 unaffected   Claus Nicolet 06/06/09
Wildblue Legacy Nielsen Lis Landberg Danbeth Fullstop Rhonabwy Secret Whispers 17/01/02 M 18/08/10 unaffected   Claus Nicolét 09/09/10
Willowtree Action Man Gawain Border Collies Bawntawn Dressed In Black Tullacrest Midnyt Magic 29/09/01 M 08/10/09 unaffected   Mogens Aalund 15/10/09
Wilma 271510 Litgov, Janne Moss of Clwyd 246157 Spunky 248305 16/06/04 F   unaffected   Ib Engelhardt 24/03/09
Wizaland Soul Star Varkil P, Petersen, J & Gawain Border Collies Borderfame Heart N' Soul Wizaland Livin It Up 20/05/02 M 06/07/09 unaffected   Mogens Aalund 07/07/09

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