Border Collie Goniodysgenesis and Glaucoma Database

Goniodysgenesis results for dogs tested in Japan

See the "Terminology" page for explanations.

NOTE:  From January 2018, all new tests will be listed on each page BLUE to show the official grading system being incorporated in the UK

Dogs Name DOM Owner Sire Dam D.O.B.  Sex Date tested Gonioscopy Result Glaucoma Result Examiner Date added to database
Border Lane JP Talisman Forever JP Mages, Nancie Nahrof the Talisman Border Lane JP First Generation 03/04/02 M 11/04/09 unaffected     16/04/09
Khayoz As Time Goes By JP Takuji Kawamichi Borderfame Heart N Soul Camwyn Spice Girl 24/11/04 F 14/05/09 unaffected   Dr.T. Hasegawa 31/05/09
Tullacrest Legacy Ov Luv JP Takuji Kawamichi Tullacrest Thiefa Hearts Tullacrest Insatiable 26/11/03 M 14/05/09 unaffected   Dr.T. Hasegawa 31/05/09

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