Border Collie Goniodysgenesis and Glaucoma Database

Goniodysgenesis results for dogs tested in New Zealand

See the "Terminology" page for explanations.

Last updated 8th February 2016

NOTE:  From January 2018, all new tests will be listed on each page BLUE to show the official grading system being incorporated in the UK

Dogs Name Owner Sire Dam D.O.B.  Sex Date tested Gonioscopy Result Glaucoma Result Examiner Date added to database
Barlin She's A Magic Dream Broadhurst, Colin  Rimrock Ruaidhri Waipori Country Kate 07/10/04 F 27/04/09 Affected    Dr Steve Heap 30/04/09
Clan-Abby NZ-Tazman-Trekker  Vos-Butler, J L / Vos, P & JC Clan-Abby Hiland Trekker Trumagik To Clanscott 29/11/04 M   unaffected     04/03/09
Dajarra Digital-Dot-NZ Chaytor, Sue Dajarra Holden-Rules Dajarra Dot-Codot-NZ 11/01/08 F 19/03/10 unaffected   Peter Collinson 23/03/10
Dajarra Dot CoDot-nz Chaytor, Sue Top Gun at Kerrybrent Dajarra Prime-Mira 18/12/05 F 14/12/07 Affected (moderate narrowing)   Peter Collinson 14/04/09
Hollyhock Sheer Delite (Obed Reg) Clarkson, Cathy Tarquin Crash N Burn Shelby a Pit Chick 16/03/07 F 20/12/10 Severely affected Right eye removed 15/2/2011  +  Left eye removed 17/08/15 Peter Collinson 18/03/11 - updated 08/02/16
Kerrybrent Kiwi Traveller Baker/Smillie Toni Maghera Won for the Road Dornbrae Havn A Blond Moment 27/02/07 M 12/11/09 unaffected   Peter Collinson 13/11/09

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