Border Collie Goniodysgenesis Database

Goniodysgenesis results for dogs tested in United States of America

See the "Terminology" page for explanations.

Last Update: 17th June 2018

NOTE:  From January 2018, all new tests will be listed on each page BLUE to show the official grading system being incorporated in the UK

Dogs Name Owner Sire Dam D.O.B.  Sex Date tested Gonioscopy Result Glaucoma DNA result DNA test date Glaucoma clinical Result Gonio
Date added to database
AbFab's Blaze of Light Lesley Early Shoreland The Castle Savoy Bayshore Hallelujah Sportingfield 14/07/12 F N/G Carrier 14.06.2018 17.06.2018
AbFab's Bolli Stoli of Riveredge Lesley Early Sportingfield Ruffian At Heronwood Riveredge N Heronwood True Illusion 22/09/14 F N/N - Clear 5/6/2018 13.06.2018
AbFab's Just Rosemary Lesley Early Bayshore Cast A Spell At Avatar Hotshot Honey Ryder of AbFab 6/2/2012 F N/N - Clear 5/6/2018 13.06.2018
AbFab's Rachael Ray From Glorius Lesley Early Peachy Keen's Playing it Hot Abby Tita 11/8/2013 F N/G - Carrier 07.06.2018 13.06.2018
AbFab's URA Neap to Spring Lesley Early Riveredge Heronwood URA Sportingfield Arbourways The Stars Belong to Everyone At AbFab 21/01/17 F G/G - Affected 07.06.2018 13.06.2018
Agape Rhythm N Blues Bosier, Julie  Borderfame True Blue Shorelands Black Star Saphire 16/08/04 M 24/04/09 unaffected   Dr. Daniel Betts 05/05/09
Altamera's Heavenly Image Boswell, Patricia Tonkory Casanova of Lorianna Altamera Timeless Image 21/03/08 F   unaffected   Dr. Herrmann 30/03/09
Arnpriors For Gforce Boswell, Patricia Ellagant Stargate at Arnpriors Arnpriors from here to eternity 28/06/07 M   unaffected   Dr. Herrmann 30/03/09
Arrodare Read All About It Donaldson, Sonja & Ratcliffe, Joanne  Sashdan Smokin Joe Altricia Lady Grace by Arrodare 20/10/14 F 02/07/16 unaffected N/N - Clear 01.06.2018 Dr. Jane Ashley Stuckey 17.06.2018
Auldbrig Believe Inmagic Marquardt, Karen Monochrome Maestro Glenloy Witches Brew 04/03/07 M 05/04/16 unaffected Terri Alessio DVM, DACVO 05/05/16
Avatar Bayshore Lady Of Rohan Preiss J, Large S Avatar's Boomer of Bayshore Avatar's Moonbeam of Bayshore 24/08/08 F   unaffected     26/03/09
BB's Life's A Dance Bosier/ Julie & Dawne Agape Rhythm N Blues Noteworthy Movin ToThe Music 27/12/05 F 24/04/09 unaffected   Dr. Daniel Betts 05/05/09
BB's Poetry In Motion Bosier/Dawne and Julie Wildfire Fidelis Bustin Loose Noteworthy Movin ToThe Music 22/12/07 F 24/04/09 unaffected   Dr. Daniel Betts 08/05/09
BonniDune Autumn Thunder Clark, Carol & Whiteman, Kelly Nahrof The Cohort BonniDune Wedgwood 29/09/07 M 01/05/09 unaffected   Dr. Rueben Meredith 03/05/09
Borderbrook Beyonce Thomas,  David & Donna Borderbrook The Joker Borderbrook Atomic Kitten 25/03/11 F 21/03/12 unaffected   Dr. Andrea Leber 18/10/12
Callista Smooth Operator Hoover, Kerrie Kensington's Artful Dodger Companions Steppin Out for Callista Solaras 17/06/11 M 10/02/17 Unaffected    Dr. Jay Harrington 18/02/17
Cashel Causing A Commotion Geiss, Cynthia & Darren  Benshiva Dot Com Nahrof Shadows O Cashel 23/07/06 F 20/03/09 unaffected   Michael Ringle 21/03/09
Clan-Abby NZ Allblack Magic Grooms, Holley  Clan-Abby Hiland Trekker Trumagik To Clanscott 29/11/04 F   unaffected     04/03/09
Etherial Incantations Marquardt, Karen Etherial Heartbreaker Etherial Enchanted 31/10/09 F 05/04/16 Affected Both eyes: ICA - gonioscopy: no area of normal pectinates, angle is very narrow with abnormal pectinates in 2/4 and closed in 2/4 Terri Alessio DVM, DACVO 06/05/16
G Force Denim n Diamonds Boswell, Patricia Visions Stonewashed Strauss HBC Givin Thanx 23/02/07 F 14/02/09 unaffected   Dr. Herrmann 16/04/09
G Force Jasmine's True Spirit Beth Garnett Passim Veritas Sapphires Spirit of Grace 21/02/08 F   Affected       (No Grading)   Dr. Mary Glaze 30/03/09
G Force Nevaeh Boswell, Patricia  Samuel Blue Cottons Hope 25/01/07 F   unaffected   Dr. Herrmann 30/03/09
Gymbaroo Tried and True Schulz, Pat Mages, Nancie Sheermyst Black Magic Nahrof Faith at Calmoor 17/07/99 M 06/05/09 unaffected   Dr. Gretchen Schmidt 08/05/09
Hamilton's Skyes The Limit Callista Gay Silva Nahrof The Cohort Hamloch Sassafras 01/07/07 F 28/03/11 unaffected   Dr. Charles Martin 15/04/11
Havensdown Just Believe Marquardt, Karen  Avatar's Walk on Water of Bayshore Shoreland Mocha Ewe Crazy 11/03/16 F 09/03/17 unaffected    Dr Terri Alessio 13/03/17
Holther's Garden of Good and Evil Grooms, Holley  Jule Too Holther's Cap Feather Trumagik Star Gazing 15/03/06 F   unaffected     04/03/09
Jayden Lacey I've Got Ewe Babe Lacey-Black Geiss Shoreland's Night Stalker Shoreland's Rock Song 13/09/06 M 04/04/09 unaffected     08/04/09
Jule Too's Affairs Of The Heart Schneider, Lisa BB's Barnstorming Daredevil Jule Too's Million Dollar Baby 11/06/12 M 25/01/17 unaffected Dr. Susan Nelms  27/01/17
Jule Too's Here We Go Again Schneider, Lisa & Rice, Ivy   Jule Too's It Had To Be You Jule Too's The Apple Of My Eye 03/01/09 F 25/02/09 unaffected   Dr. Susan Nelms 03/04/09
Karrider Cherry falls Rhodes, Michelle  Merledaze cant wait wont wait at upanova Princewood winter luck at passim 27/02/06 F   unaffected     30/03/09
Kensington’s Far From the Madding Crowd Lisa Waldo Auldbrig Believe in Magic Kensington’s Keira Knightley 31/07/15 M 12/11/17 unaffected  Dr. Susan Nelms 18/12/17
Kensington’s Tahitian Pearl Waldo, Lisa Tullacrest Ice Man Kensington’s Velvet Assassin 20/01/17 F 10/02/17 unaffected N/G - Carrier Dr. Susan Nelms 3/10/2017
Kensington's Artful Dodger Waldo, Lisa Nahrof Turn it Up Avatar TruthorDare Bayshore 24/01/08 M 27/11/15 Affected (minor) Dr. Charles Martin 01/12/15
Kensington's Keira Knightley Waldo, Lisa Bordalace Flash n Dash Kensington's Anne Boleyn 31/05/13 F 27/11/15 Affected (minor) Dr. Charles Martin 01/12/15
Kensington's Velvet Assasin Waldo, Lisa Solaras Scotland Yard at Kensington Cymric Finds Southern Charm at Kensington 08/08/14 F 27/11/15 unaffected N/N - Clear Dr. Charles Martin 12/1/2015
Legend of Braveheart Braden Burning Heart Jodie Hansen Simaro Cold as Ice Your Soul Affair from Borders Paradise 9/4/2012 M N/N - Clear 6/12/2018 13.06.2018
Majestic Wedgewood Hot And Spicy DeGidio, Deb Bayshore's Hot Chocolate Of Avatar Majestic Sportingfield Mackenzie  22/04/14 F 16/01/17 Affected Severe goniodysgensis Dr.,Sillerud 17/01/17
Maybic Fortune Cookie Rodgers, Katie  Trucharm Read All About It Tonkory Exhibit One M'lord 20/03/11 M 16/05/11 unaffected Dra. Marta Leyva
Miraje Dunedain Ranger At Anadune Preiss, Judita  Caristan Moet Chandon Miraje Dallas Dreamer 14/12/03 M   unaffected     26/03/09
MVR Badda Bing Badda Boom Marquardt, Karen  Pawcific Way Out West Etherial Incantations 07/02/16 M 09/03/17 unaffected    Dr Terri Alessio 13/03/17
MVR Red White And Boom Marquardt, Karen  Pawcific Way Out West Etherial Incantations 07/02/16 F 09/03/17 unaffected    Dr Terri Alessio 13/03/17
Nahrof Shadows O Cashel Geiss, Cynthia & Darren  Nahrof Shadow of Mercy Nahrof Turning Point 26/11/01 F 20/03/09 unaffected   Michael Ringle 20/03/09
Nahrof the Cohort Mages, Nancie Nahrof the Talisman Nahrof Echoes of an Era 06/12/00 M 11/04/09 unaffected   Dr. Gretchen Schmidt 16/04/09
Nahrof Turn It Up Mooradian, LM  / Somers, L / Badior, E Yeleek Wizard Of Oz Nahrof Turning Point 14/10/04 M   unaffected   Dr Melanie Mineo 18/03/09
Noteworthy Make An Impression Rodgers, Katie  Jenaid Thief Of Hearts Pawtails Flyin In Time 02/06/08 M 13/04/09 unaffected     14/04/09
Noteworthy Movin To The Music Bosier, Dawne  Jenaid Thief Of Hearts Borcat Superstar 19/08/02 F 24/04/09 unaffected   Dr. Daniel Betts 05/05/09
Oregon Trail Dreamweaver Marquardt, Karen Glentress Rain Dancer Brackenhill Turns Snowbound on the Oregon Trail 25/08/12 M 09/06/16 Affected  both eyes narrow 2/4 to slightly narrow 2/4 Dr Terri Alessio  01/03/17
Riveredge N Heronwood URA Sportingfield Lesley Early Borderton Lou Easy An I A Sportingfield's Bewitched o Heronwood 27/04/13 M N/G - Carrier 5/6/2018 13.06.2018
Royal-MVR Dealers Choice Marquardt, Karen Royals Cruel Intentions Etherial Incantations 03/03/13 F 05/04/16 Affected Both eyes very narrow angle in all quadrants; no pectinates seen over ICA Terri Alessio DVM, DACVO 05/05/16
Royals Cruel Intentions Marquardt, Karen Auldbrig Believe Inmagic Borderfame Mystic Spirit  25/03/10 M 08/04/16 Affected  both eyes 3/4 closed angle, 1/4 very narrow Dr Terri Alessio 05/05/16
Royal's Dancing in the Moonlight Marquardt, Karen Auldbrig Believe Inmagic Blackbow's Sterling Sweet Sensation 24/06/14 F 23/06/16 Affected right eye: 1/4 open, 1/4 flow hole, 2/2 narrowed angle.  left eye: narrowed angle  Dr Terri Alessio  01/03/17
Sapphires Spirit of Grace Boswel, Patricia  Visions Sundance Kid Spirit of Grace 02/07/05 F   unaffected   Dr. Herrmann 30/03/09
Versailles Royal Ooutlaw Now Running Small Town Marquardt, Karen Auldbrig Believe Inmagic Versailles Annie Get Your Gun 06/04/14 M 20/05/16 unaffected /normal ICA   Dr Terri Alessio  01/03/17
Wedgewood Playin' To Win DeGidio, Deb Borderfame Lord O'Thrings Majestic Wedgewood Hot And Spicy 07/05/16 M 12/01/17 Affected blind in one eye, other eye has severe goniodysgenesis Dr.,Sillerud 17/01/17
Wildfire's Honor of Cadence Tinaglia, Mitzi Nahrof The Cohort Brackenhill Vixon at Wildfire 5/24/07 M 09/04/10 unaffected   Dr. Brian Gilger 09/09/10
Wizaland Lady Of Lorien At Anadune Preiss, Judita  Wizaland Livin' Soul Clan-Abby NZ Kiwi Tina Maree 04/10/05 F   unaffected     26/03/09

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